About Conquest Pools

Conquest Pools is a family owned and run business in Shepparton, Victoria – an area in the Goulburn Valley also widely renowned for fruit growing. The hot summers combined with the local love of water-based recreation and family fun has always been the pivotal inspiration behind fibreglass pools manufacturing for Conquest Pools over the past 40 years.

Peter Winch is very clear about why his fibreglass pools have gained unprecedented confidence from dealers, fibreglass pools installers and customers – “fibreglass pools are only ever going to be as good as the moulds used to make them so we spend many months to achieve our high-quality moulds – putting poorly made swimming pools into the ground only disguises flaws for a short time and unfortunately the problems are not usually obvious to the untrained eye of unsuspecting customers”.

We first made summer dreams come alive when we developed and manufactured over 600 ‘Shapiro Craft’ speedboats – some having won the annual Bridge to Bridge speed water ski race in Sydney and was an annual competitor in the Southern 80.

Currently, and over the past 10 years, the marine division – Conquest Marine – manufactures 12 berth Luxury Ocean Catamarans. The expertise in both engineering design and fibreglass pools lamination has both surpassed the stringent standards set by the Marine Boards of Victoria, NSW & QLD and is testimony in itself to allow you to appreciate the extent of Peter’s skills, knowledge and understanding of combining strength with appearance and functionality during manufacture of both boats and swimming pools.

Victoria’s need for high-quality fibreglass pools, free of any interstate transport damage predominantly from multi-stacking, and free of interstate Industries – Conquest Pools. Peter has consulted widely throughout Australia in both the Marine Industry and for other major swimming pool manufacturers, sharing his extensive knowledge & skills to improve product outcome standards. When asked about the transition from boats to fibreglass pools Peter says “I’ve simply reversed my technology – now I keep the water in instead of keeping the water out, and while ground movement is a major stress on a fibreglass pool that must be factored into the initial strength of every pool, fibreglass pools do not have to withstand the harshest conditions on this planet – the open ocean – and that makes design and lamination of fibreglass pools considerably easier”.

Conquest Pools has a unique range of fibreglass pools, manufactured with advanced marine technology, guaranteed customer support and a 25-year warranty on every swimming pool. Fibreglass pools are currently available in a fantastic range of colours. New shapes & designs will be available every season – all pools being built on flawless new moulds and all moulds built to laser precision.

This is an exciting time for Conquest Pools who intend to stay focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

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