Swimming Pool Manufacturing Process

POLYCOR® gelcoat pool finishes offer exceptional water and chemical resistance, as well as long lasting UV stability. Conquest Pools produce in colour and texture combinations formulated to co-ordinate with your architectural setting.

Our Swancor Vinyl Ester laminate layer is your peace of mind. Although you don’t see it, chemical resistance and waterproofing is ensured in this layer, along with your pool’s surface integrity.

Our Swancor sealcoat is absolute industry best practice. A fibre-free skin layer, for unbeatable chemical resistance, waterproofing and bonding to our structural laminate layers. The Swancor sealcoat is a pure vinyl ester resin layer. Conquest Pools is the only Australian Pool Manufacturer who manufactures pools with a second sealing of the vinyl ester integrity layer. This layer prevents osmosis from entering the structural layer of your pool and is one of the reasons Conquest Pools offers a 25 year structural pool guarantee.

Structural layers support the pool structurally more than any other layer. Conquest Pools impose an application process that will Guarantee that all our pools exceed Australian standards.

Final seal coat layer seals the shell, making it impervious to any moisture and protects your pool from earth elements.

Manufacturing in Fibreglass since 1970

  • Conquest Pools ensures ‘best practice’ procedures for the construction of swimming pools.
  • We have the most highly trained and experienced staff available in our industry.
  • Our facility is the largest and most sophisticated plant of it’s type in Victoria.
  • We exceed Australian standards in Fibreglassing with all layers.
  • Conquest Pools DO NOT use or condone the use of any ceramic fillers in fibreglass pools.
  • Ceramic filled composite pools do not provide greater structural strength.
  • There is NO scientific proof backing the use of ceramic fillers in fibreglass pools.
  • Conquest Pools laminate has proved superior during tests on all levels that matter for fibreglass pools: Tensile strength, Stiffness & Flexural strength.
  • Conquest Pools will never substitute the fundamental strength of pure resin for an inferior ceramic ‘bulking agent’.
  • All Conquest Pools carry a 25 year structural warranty backed by the manufacturer.
  • When you buy a Conquest Pool you can be confident and proud of your purchase knowing it is the best fibreglass swimming pool that money can buy.

Conquest Pools is a subdivision of Conquest Industries P/L, a company that has been specialising in fibreglass manufacture for over 40 years. We first made summer dreams come alive with the creation and development of the “Shepiro” Craft range of speed boats, of which we built over 600. Since 1995, we have designed & developed a range of Luxury 12 berth ocean catamarans in both a sail & motor cruiser version under the Conquest Marine division. Building to the harshest climatic conditions on this planet, the open sea, in conjunction with the extremely stringent survey standards of the Australian Marine Boards, Conquest Industries has proved itself a leader in fibreglass manufacture.

By reversing our technology in 2003 with the addition of swimming pools – in that we now also keep water in a pool as well as out of boats – we have been able to combine some long used marine technologies into pool manufacture and have ultimately improved the end product to you. The confidence we have in our pool manufacture is testimony to the 25 year structural warranty issued with every Conquest pool. We DO NOT alter the integrity & strength of the fibreglass & resin materials used in our pools – some manufacturers do this and call it a “patented composite” claiming it is thicker, stronger, warmer etc. This type of fibreglass interference has NO scientific backup for any of the claims made except for thickness which it is because of the bulking fillers used and it needs to be to give it any sort of strength. Using the fillers to bulk up the fibreglass is a financial gain for the manufacturer in cost cutting. You can be very confident that Conquest Pools are made with PURE raw materials with no filler or bulking agents and this exceeds all Australian Standards in fibreglass for pools.

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