Swimming Pools Shapes & Sizes

Conquest Pools design and construct a range of swimming pools to suit most homes and most peoples ideas/ imagination/dreams of just how a pool should look at their home.. The sizes and shapes of our swimming pools have been designed specifically with usability as our major focus. Steps, pool shapes, pool dimensions and depth of the swimming pool are all critical factors. The enjoyment of your swimming pool is paramount to us, and our range showcases many combinations and sizes.
When it comes to fibreglass pools, we are confident that our range of sizes and configurations will meet most requirements. In addition to this our methods of construction of the fibreglass pool shell, the excellence of components and our rigorous quality testing and control is state of the art to ensure we follow best business and construction and swimming pool installation practices. When you select a Conquest Pool you can be confident that you are getting the best fibreglass pool available.

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